Practice Management Consulting for OMS Offices

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For many years (10+), Michigan Oral Surgeons has utilized the consulting expertise
of Terri Bradley for a number of coding, insurance billing and practice management
processes. On July 1, 2018, we outsourced our “revenue cycle management” department
to OMS Billing Solutions. This decision has proven to be a beneficial partnership
with a great business outcome.

Darcy Carlisle
Practice Director
Michigan Oral Surgeons
January, 2019

Since opening in 2016, I have worked with Terri and her firm. They have done all of
the billing and coding for my hospital procedures which include general OMS procedures,
such as orthognathic and dentoalveolar surgery, as well as head & neck
oncology, microvascular reconstruction, skull base reconstruction, and facial cosmetic
surgery. Many of these procedures extend into territory that is more common of ENT,
plastics, oculoplastics, orthopedics, and neurosurgery and the insurance, billing, and
coding are tremendously complex, particularly for an OMS provider.

I can say that I am extremely satisfied with the quality of work that Ms. Bradley’s company
provides and the manor with which they provide it. They have handled even the
most complex cases well and her staff is responsive and engaged. They have been
able to liaison between my office, the hospital, patients, and insurance companies
seamlessly. I give them my highest recommendations and have no doubt that you will feel the
same way.

Todd Hanna, MD, DDS, FACS
New York, NY
December, 2018

Terri is amazing! Her knowledge of the OMS billing world is undeniable. In 2018, Terri
helped our practice, Oral and Maxillofacial Associates, reorganize our internal billing
team. She brought cohesion, collaboration and expertise to a previously good group
making it exceptional. Terri identified and solved specific problems making us not
only more efficient, but ultimately able to collect more. Her demeanor and communication
style encourages teams to become better than they were before. Terri Bradley
is OMA’s billing expert…period!

Stuart Skelton
Practice Executive
Oral and Maxillofacial Associates
December, 2018

I am now ADDICTED to the patient calculator and would like to use it for these additional carriers....

Dr. Willie Stephens, DDS, PC
Dr. Jonathan Stephens, DDS, MD
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
July, 2018

Terri was the best! I can actually say that she was the top speaker out of all the sessions I attended. She kept the class moving along, and kept your attention the entire time. I️ learn something new every single time I attend a session of hers. She is amazing!

Carestream Global Summit Attendee, November 10, 2017

University Oral and Facial Surgery loves Terri Bradley!! I am new to the Insurance/Coding side and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her. Thankful to have learned the new sedation codes for Jan 2018! Her energy was great and overall class was very informative and enjoyable!

Carestream Global Summit Attendee, November 10, 2017

Terri is an exceptional speaker and teacher. Of all the sessions I attended between Friday and Saturday I feel I learned the most from her sessions: "Dancing with Medical and Dental insurance part 1 and 2" I hope to have the opportunity to attend another training session with Terri again.

Carestream Global Health Summit Attendee, November 10, 2017

Terri Bradley has had an overwhelming influence on the success of my practice. Her depth of experience and expertise encompasses all facets of practice administration. The ability to deal easily with staff, doctors, referring offices and patients is a rare quality. But even more rare is this ability combined with an innate business acumen. I have no doubt that my practice would not have been as successful as it is without her expertise and assistance.

Jeffrey D. Stone DMD, MD

Terri Bradley has raised the bar for those who teach medical billing to dental practices. Her hands-on medical billing experience, strong ethics, and determination to teach dental teams proper medical billing protocols is refreshing. Having worked with Terri on an extensive medical billing webinar series for dental practices, I found her to be an excellent speaker and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Vicki Anderson
Editor, Insurance Solutions Newsletter

Terri Bradley Consulting was able to help us with difficult coding issues on claims when we lost our lead insurance position unexpectedly. Terri and her staff were very knowledgeable and very nice to deal with. Within 3 months our insurance staff was back up and going with confidence. Anyone thinking of hiring Terri to better a team and practice - She is great, Go for it!!

Deon Johnston, Practice Administrator
Mitchell Oral Surgery and Implant Centers

We have been working with Terri for years and she is the first call I make when we want guidance for oral surgery billing issues. I have referred her out to many people and she can fill the voids that any practice may have from the solo practitioner just starting out to the large practice that has been around for decades. She is adaptable to any OMS office.

Danny Ketola, Business Manager
Carolinas Center for Oral & Facial Surgery

I contacted Terri and her advice and guidance since that time has been instrumental in the ongoing success of Northeast Oral Surgery. Through her implementation of specific office systems, we are functioning in an efficient and productive manner that has enhanced patient acceptance and reduced our accounts receivable. She is an excellent communicator and problem solver, who has nationwide resources that she can utilize to assist her clients. It is an honor to be able to work with her and her excellent staff.

It gives a sense of "peace of mind" that we have Terri and her staff advising us about the operation of our practice!

Michael Shannon D.M.D.
Northeast Oral Surgery

I would suggest you contact Terri Bradley Consulting. Terri is the head of a growing firm in the OMS field. I can say that Terri is nationally renowned for her expert coding and documentation services for OMS practices and I have full faith that her firm would do excellent work. I have worked with her firm for several years in the coding and documentation arena, and have found her work to be outstanding in all respects.

Ronald A Klemz, Administrator
Centrasota Oral Surgeons

I have always been able to rely on Terri helping to train my staff to be the most competent and knowledgable medical and dental coders. I could go on and on about case after case in which Terri has taught my staff to make sure that we get covered for all the time I put in, whether in the office or hospital. I know my future will always be secure with the help of Terri Bradley.

Raymond Haigney II
Diplomate, ABOMS

First of all, I attended the coding course and it far surpassed any previous courses I've attended including all AAOMS sponsored classes. Terri's willingness to listen to questions and answer them was refreshing and I learned so much new information that I've never heard before. It would benefit all coding/billing employees if she could teach the AAOMS classes! Bravo!

Jan McLaughlin
Oral Surgery Center PC
Seminar attendee, Andover, MA April 2017

Excellent!! Taking away lots of "pearls" to implement at our office Thank you!"
"I've been to many seminars and this one is so well put together! The handouts are very helpful and allow you to follow the course easily!"
"I am clinical but I have always been involved in coding. I think that all clinical staff should take this course.

Course attendee, Orlando, FL 10/28/16