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 Terri Bradley Consulting - May 2018 Newsletter 

May 2018 WELCOME TO TERRI BRADLEY PRACTICE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING Dear ,​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Just when we thought all of the rules for 2018 have been implemented, bam, we find out that Guardian Dental has changed their guidelines for coverage of removal of impacted wisdom teeth and for anesthesia coverage. United Healthcare implemented a similar policy last year. It is so important to continue to review carriers’ websites for updates, read and review the...[continue reading…]



 Terri Bradley Consulting - Spring 2018 Newsletter 

Spring 2018 WELCOME TO TERRI BRADLEY PRACTICE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING Last week I had the tremendous pleasure of spending two full days with a group of Rock Star OMS billers and coders from across the country.  We talked about codes, coding guidelines, insurance carriers, industry changes, the appeal process, practice management reports and the ENTIRE accounts receivable cycle from start to finish!  [continue reading…]


Terri Bradley Consulting - February 2018 Newsletter 

February 2018 WELCOME TO TERRI BRADLEY PRACTICE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING You asked and we listened!  Terri is offering a two day coding course April 3 & 4 in Andover, MA along with a special offer - 25% off your "Untangling the Web of OMS Billing" video purchase with one registration for the event! [continue reading…]



Terri Bradley Consulting - December 2017 Newsletter 

December 2017 WELCOME TO TERRI BRADLEY PRACTICE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING It’s the most wonderful time of the year…as I write the final newsletter for 2017 I am on my last business flight of the year and looking forward to having some time at home with family and friends for the holidays.  It’s been a whirlwind of a year for us and we have so much to be grateful for.  Mostly, I am thankful for you. [continue reading…]



Terri Bradley Consulting - Fall 2017 Newsletter 

Fall 2017 WELCOME TO TERRI BRADLEY PRACTICE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING Fall is here and for me that is always bittersweet; I just love the summer weather yet there is something refreshing about the changes in the season and fall especially brings me right to “getting back at it” again. My travel to clients picks up and I feel renewed as together we start to work on the business instead of just in the business. [continue reading…]



  Terri Bradley Consulting - August 2017 Newsletter

August 2017 WELCOME TO TERRI BRADLEY PRACTICE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​One of the most popular newsletters I sent in recent months was one that I did while we were in the middle of a snowstorm.  The fire was roaring and a mug of hot tea was sitting beside me.  As I write this one…summer is in full swing, the days are hot and humid and I am in the midst of my summer vacation. [continue reading…]



  Terri Bradley Consulting - StopWriting on Claim Forms! 

July 2017 WELCOME TO TERRI BRADLEY PRACTICE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ A quick note to you to help you with your claims processing as you finish up this holiday week: Stop handwriting on claim forms!For years I have been teaching and telling people to avoid writing on CMS 1500 forms. Any time we 

handwrite on a claim form we are not only stopping the electronic processing of claims (i.e. delaying the claims processing and payments) we [continue reading…]





Terri Bradley Consulting - July 2017 newsletter

July 2017 WELCOME TO TERRI BRADLEY PRACTICE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING Hello summer! Picnics, parades, fireworks, campouts and family vacations…all of the traditions and joys that summer has to bring. And for us in the OMS community: it’s all sorts of CRAZY! The phones are ringing off the hook, doctor’s schedules are overflowing and the swarm of patients is unbelievable. ‘Tis the season! How do we best manage this busyness and ensure that our [continue reading…]




Terri Bradley Consulting - June 2017 Newsletter 

 June 2017 WELCOME TO TERRI BRADLEY PRACTICE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING Hello everyone and Happy June! We hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day Weekend which signals the start of summer in most of our minds. We also know that this means a busy “Wisdom Tooth Season” for oral surgery offices! Are you ready? Of course you are!Last month at the JAWS meeting in TX we tried out a new format. Rather than doing a typical formal presentation, we took [continue reading…]



Terri Bradley Consulting - May 2017 Newsletter

May 2017 WELCOME TO TERRI BRADLEY PRACTICE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING We are heading home after a tremendous week networking with friends and colleagues at the Jaws Society meeting in Austin, Texas. We were able to catch up with some clients and old friends and meet some new ones, too! What a treat and what a fantastic gathering. If you were not able to attend this year, you missed a great one! Next year the meeting is going to be in Newport Beach, [continue reading…] 




Terri Bradley Consulting - February 2017

February 2017 WELCOME TO TERRI BRADLEY PRACTICE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING Another snowy day here in the Northeast. Two blizzards in less than a week. The landscape is beautiful, there is something so magical about new snow. The picture it paints outside my window is breathtaking. Along with the storm also come some disruptions: flights that never got out, client visits that will need to be rescheduled, office closures, etc. What to do with these [continue reading…] 





Terri Bradley Consulting - January newsletter

January 2017 WELCOME TO TERRI BRADLEY PRACTICE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING  I am quickly approaching my one-year anniversary with Terri Bradley Consulting. The past year has been a fantastic blend of meeting and working with wonderful people and visiting beautiful cities. I have learned so much from each of you. I have also come to appreciate and value the importance of good communication.The word communication comes from the latin communico, which [continue reading…]




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